Category F

Business with Over 1000 Employees

$TBD per year

Category E

Utility, Financial Institution, Hotel/Motels (25 or More Units with Restaurant and/or Lounge), Apartment Complex, Race Track, Amusement Park, Hospital, Extended Care Facility, Mental Health Facility

$580 per year

Category D

Retail (Greater Than 7,500 Square Feet), Oil & Gas, Construction, Industrial, Trucking, Manufacturing, Publishing, New Automobile Dealer, Hotel/Motel (25 or More Units without Restaurant and/or Lounge)

$450 per year

Category C

Professional, Media, Educational Institutions, College, Restaurant, University, Government, Retail, Business/Trade Association, Service Enterprise, Lumber Company, Bowling Alley, Previously Owned Automobile Dealer, Civic/Fraternal Organization, Hotel/Motel (with Less Than 25 Units), Real Estate, Wholesale

$250 per year

Category B

Artisan/Table Top Enterprises, Crafts, Home Party Plans.

$165 per year

Category A

Social Service Organization, Elected Official, Clergy, Church, Individual, Additional Memberships.

$145 per year