Leadership Weirton

Helping to form and develop strong leadership within business that will ultimately help lead the future of Weirton.

Who Participates in Leadership Weirton?

Participation in Leadership Weirton is open to all area citizens with the goal being no more than 20 participants.

How Do I Apply?

Individuals, businesses, and community associations may nominate prospective participants by contacting the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce.  The cost of the program is $350 for Chamber Members and $400 for non Chamber members payable upon acceptance to Leadership Weirton.

When Does Leadership Weirton Meet?

This leadership program begins in January    with a “Meet & Greet” activity at 3:00pm, followed by a “kick-off” banquet with your sponsor, and an evening of excitement, activities and opportunities to immediately build team spirit within the group. Leadership Weirton continues with its first session, SIMSOC, the following day. One Leadership Weirton session is held each month through June. (Date to be determined by the class.) Attendance is required at the SIMSOC session, participation in at least four of the five remaining sessions, two government meetings, six hours of volunteer service, one community project and graduation. All of this is easily attainable in the six month time span of the program.

Who is Responsible for the Leadership Program & Selection of Participants?

The Board of Advisors, a group of volunteers who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, dedicated community leaders; determine policy for the Leadership program.

What Subjects Are Dealt with in Leadership?

Subjects considered include Leadership & Volunteerism; History & Culture; Government; Education; Business & Economics; and Health & Human Services.

Leadership Weirton Methods:

Action Group Assignments involving research issues identified by local community-oriented agencies and organizations.  Panel Discussions – Small Group Discussions – Field Trips – Lectures -Simulations – Management Style Workshops – Interviews with Community Leaders.

What Format Does the Program Use?

Local leaders in industry, business, civic and governmental affairs, as well as authorities from various academic communities, are invited to take part in lectures, simulations, small group discussions, and panel discussions during the Leadership Weirton sessions.  Field trips and community research projects conducted by teams of participants may also be utilized.  Again, this is only a brief overview of the Leadership Weirton Program.  For more information, please contact the Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce at 304- 748-7212.

Leadership Weirton Objectives:

  • ¨Identify and select highly qualified leaders to participate in the program.
  • ¨Provide the participants with an understanding of the opportunities and needs of the community through a series of issues oriented programs using existing local leaders as well as regional and national authorities from academic communities, business, and industry.
  • ¨Educate the participants in management/leadership skills & the application of those skills to volunteer in community leadership positions.
  • ¨Develop interpersonal relationships among the participants to provide a common ground for working together on community projects.
  • ¨Create lines of direct communication between participants and existing community leaders.
  • ¨Identify organizational and individual opportunities for community involvement and assist in placement of participants in those positions.

For more information or to nominate someone for Leadership Weirton please contact the Chamber.

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